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Necie B
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Seven Commandments
- Question everything
- Seek the roots of truth, sapere aude
- Do not be wasteful
- Do not propogate weakness
- Do not censor others nor yourself
- Respect others and yourself
- Reciprocate kindness and malevolence

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Necie B [userpic]

Lul... honour.

But it's ok, with the combined powers of Chuck Norris, Vin Diesel and Rob Heard, we may be able to beat The Singularity.


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Necie B [userpic]

I have had the worst spate of luck since the Olympics opening ceremony. Maybe cos I had my fingers crossed for a terrorist bombing during the show. Maybe they're waiting til the closing ceremony.

► Sarah had three panic attacks
► There was a fight at Mot's consisting of glass and noise and bad
► Sammy got punched in the face
► Kitty and Bronwyn got upset because of the fight and the aftermath
► Mot had an asthma attack
► I missed the X files cos Ruairi was asleep
► Sarah's taxi never came
► My HTC got smashed (yes, this upset me the most)
► My laptop wont charge for any man, beast or cable
► I can't find my nokia charger
► I woke up with a nosebleed this morning
► Evelyn took the car this morning so I had to take Edith's
► Edith is therefore understandably angry
► I have to work out the money shit with Eve
► I haven't done my chores for the week and I am owing
► I still have yet to hear of a satisfying terrorist attack.

On a more positive note, I am getting better at Mortal Kombat and we have unlocked about a dozen character endings. Many die. I originally liked Sub-Zero but I'm getting good at Nitara and Scorpion because I can mash. I may beat Kitty some day. I showed her my drawnporn and she was full of compliments. Sweet girl. I was at Tom's for the Olympics party on Friday night and I got all nice and dressed up like a whore and now I am Kitana.

On Saturday I went to Matt's and Kelvin's for Kelvin's chem tutoring. Went for nearly 2 hours, and I almost got raped by their dog Sunny. It was productive though. Worked out three equations and I think he can do them now. He'll need to practice. And he'll need to write out his speriments better. I've moved him to Mondays so now I have my weekends free again. I'll be taking his lessons at his house.

Uni is killing me. I only had one hour this morning but I have a lot of stuff to catch up on and I'm falling behind in Stats and Honours. And all my other subjects. And organisation. My entire life was on that HTC. And now I can't even turn on my computer to sync the calendar. Aoiherfgo9ihewrinerunckfe.

I need to get on with my uni work now. End rant.

BTW, I got my Pees in the holidays, if you didn't gather that from all the driving references.


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Necie B [userpic]

Which do you prefer?
~ La petite mort vous obtient plus près de Dieu - The little death gets you closer to God
~ Pour mourir la petite mort est de devenir plus près de Dieu - To die the little death is to become closer to God

Second one, yes? I prefer the little-'g'-god but that BabelFishes to 'a god' in French. Of course, my French is useless, so anyone with better French than me can persuade me rather easily. I could stick with English. Maybe I'll go to France and get it done, so I have a reason for collecting a Frenchie.

I am currently also doing lines. Started on the 1st of June, according to my phone, and continued every two days or so (had to miss Saturday cos I was out). I'm having trouble counting them but it's always somewhere between 38 and 41. The lines are mostly complete, and I'll need a stencil for the flowers once the base is ready. They're itching like hell.

Eleanor from my deep past got married on Saturday. The wedding was small but nice. We missed out on the traditional tea ceremony in the morning, but that's a family thing. It felt something like a high school formal with a mix of generations because the bridesmaids and groomsmen looked so young. It was very Asian, without the red dress and stuff.

I want to design a dress for Chinese/Western brides (and I suppose a dress suit for the mans) so that the ladies can have the pretty Chinese torsos and pretty Western skirts. Also, a bride can choose red or white and have an excuse for their colour choice other than the fact she has no virginity to offer on the night when it was in fact lost twelve years previously to one of seven men she can't identify from the resulting video of the night - $12.95.

I caught the bouquet, don't know the guy who caught the garter. Jacky took the garter from Eleanor the proper way. Not sure what happened to it, nor the bouquet. I asked Eve to put it in water when she got home, but last I heard it was in Edith's car, dying. The wedding finished at 10 so I had a lot of party left in me. Dad graciously took me to Hurstville and I met my clubbers at Chinese Laundry. Fun night. Got ground up by a random hairy man and I got a scratchy kiss off him before Caroline saved me. Didn't drink much - the company was good enough not to need lubrication.

Stayed the night at Ailee's and Anita crashed her bedroom while I was dressing in the morning. Or afternoon. Whatevs. Tagged along as they got ready for we love sounds, and I will keep my jealousy out of this post.

The day before the wedding was Vicky's 22nd. Happy days, my little poopinjay. I hadn't seen her for many many moons either but I had a great time. We went to Zachary's pizza bar where Vicky had hired a room. The cocktails were good and I met a rather dirty nurse who works at St George (the hospital at which I'm currently placed). Ailee, Andy and Kimmy came along too, but there wasn't all that much inter-group interaction. They had to leave early.

Jumping back a week, I went to Eleanor's hens' night which was tiring. We had a party bus - tossing up whether or not it was worth it. Might hire one for my 21st, but I'll need good company to make the $40pp worth it. Maybe a little extra something something to keep me going. Maybe the coffee shop guy. I should find out the bus's seating capacity.

Ricky had his birthday the night before the hens'. Quiet little family thing. Kids are growing up fast. Matt's been an absolute shocker this past month. He hasn't been practicing piano for Evelyn and he hasn't made any decent progress on his English homework. It's not entirely his fault though. I reckon they need family counselling or a social worker. All his mum does is complain about how tired she is and how bad her kids are; all his dad does is shout at him and belittle him and point out all his shortcomings. I'm not sure how his brother's going. He just got his Ls and all his mum says about that is how pathetic it is that he can't drive. Surprise, dickmouth. I think she went back to TAFE recently, but I don't know what she's studying. That can't be fun, but your kids come first.

Luke, on the other hand, had me in stitches with the short story he's drafting. His latest essay at school earned him 19/20 and a billion smothering hugs and kisses. He's improved beyond recognition, but his family's much more supportive than Matt's. Also, he's the older child. Dunno if that makes a difference. His younger brother's top of the class in comprehension which makes him a bit of an arse about it. A bit of Happy Rotter trivia puts him in line because No One Can Beat Necie. He goes to proper coaching.

I've spent the past semester on prac. My PP3A was at Sutherland Hospital which was good for experience, particularly for going into St George straight after that (cos they're linked and affiliated and interconnected and share managers and systems) but it wasn't fun for a lot of the time there, leading to a complete breakdown halfway through. St George, however, is a completely different story. Maybe I expect more from myself than my supervisors do. I have Wednesdays completely to myself, which is awesome, and my supervisors are treating me almost like a newgrad. I have renewed my love for Hands and will try to get a Sydney Hospital placement next year, though I only get 6 weeks due to my Honours project. At least that's sort of Hands too. Not the sort I like with Sue (the almost insufferable, but knowledgeable and willing-to-teach SGH Hands OT).

Right now I should be preparing for my presentation on Conversion Disorder (renamed from Female Hysteria to be politically correct). However, now it seems like our patient might not have Conversion after all, but I would have no idea. She might also have CRPS. I think I saw her out in the streets on Friday, looking completely normal though I didn't see her use her arm. She'd come in to Hands from the private physio down the road with a broken wrist. She was looking for better support (ie. a splint) but they sent her to ED because really, a broken bone needs proper setting.

BTW I shall no longer be complaining about my wisdom teeth as I got all four removed in the weeks between pracs. My face was swollen for days and I was watching the clock for the first 72 hours for the medication to come around. There was a hell of a lot of pain and not quite enough painkillers. Mum was gonna leave me with just ibuprofen (of which one can only take 1200mg in 24 hours) but with a few tears I got the panadine forte as well. Was meant to get more paracetamol too, but the surgeon wasn't quite clear on that. I survived. I will not have to worry about my teeth until they start falling out. Unless I want to brace my buck teeth.

And so my procrastination reaches its next stage. I might eat now.


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Necie B [userpic]

I have just seen Iron Man and will now be spending a very long night locked up in my room.

Necie B [userpic]

Necie B [userpic]

1. I'm home.

2. I bought a HTC Touch.

3. I have a confirmed diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome and I feel like my life is over.

4. I got into Honours.

5. My wisdom teeth are flaring up again.

6. It's Edith's birthday. I made food and cheesecake (cheesecakes are on another level of consumables not fully comprehended by the title 'food').

7. Uni wants me to go back to Canberra for 7 weeks. I will not go.

8. Babysitting is a lot easier with a wii.

9. Evelyn is having enrollment dramas. Fernormous dramas of the stomach-ulcer-inducing type.

10. I have made a family tree. Roughly. Largest stretch is 5 generations, births 19th century to 21st century, precise date unknown.

11. Went to Kiama Blowhole and Mini Blowhole with Ailee, Coop, Andy and Kimmy. Watch out for vids.

12. Went to Chinese laundry with the above, sans Coop.

13. I had curtains made in China but they still haven't arrived (we had them posted).

14. Number 2 in the focus of my life atm. Love love love love love.


Necie B [userpic]

Heru thar la!

I have a lot of news but I don't remember much of it. That's it really.

No wait... I went to Disneyland with Evelyn and her little friend Tammy. It was lovely. Not as expensive as you'd think for a Disneyland (though I suppose half of it is still in construction). Saw some shows (I really wouldn't hesitate to say yes if Tarzan ever asked) went on some rides (Space Mountain twice with hilolrious photo results) and sat down from 4:30 to 9ish to watch the parade, light show and fireworks. Quite worth is (seeing as we were pooped already anyway).

Our little cousin is learning fast and so so cute. We're still deciding on an English name for him. Earlier I liked Michael (mainly because any time I said the name he'd reply with "Ah Go") but he looks more like a Harry. He's tall (for an almost-two-year-old), skinny, and really really white. Eve's going for Cameron and Edith's going for Mohammed Abdu Habibi Rasheed Halaal Ng.

Mum went into a nunnery for a week covering Christmas. Family love. She's meant to be abstaining from everything and eating (eurgh) vegetarian including "anything that has a strong taste" and attending spiritual gatherings et cetera et cetera. She's been coming out a couple of times cos she's bored shitless. And to give us her laundry and ask for new underpants cos she doesn't want other people to see her knickers hanging out to dry.

Went out barhopping on Christmas Eve night with Edith and a guy we met at the nunnery (while giving mother dear her clean underwear). His name is Jamie from Manchester (and there are no ghettos in Manchester). Everyone seemed to go home after the midnight countdown for Christmas - beforehand it was, as the Chinese say, a people mountain people sea. We ended in the upstairs of a bar at twoish threeish with a bunch of french flight attendants. Two of the French guys were chatting me up and I hooked up with one of the girls. Maybe I needed to drink more. The next night Jamie took us to a snazzy TST bar which was quite good. A very pretty setup.

Went ice skating a couple of times - once with Luke and Brian (they are very entertaining in the rink) and once with April who is Ben and Anita in a blender served in a HK glass. I'm over at her house now with her sister Phoebe, my sister Evelyn and a 15 year old version of our brother Dez. He even has the name of Dez's little brother. How complex in its coincidences (which really means you're looking quite hard). He's from Burwood, Sydney , Australia. Cool.

This is unfinished. It is likely to remain so.


Necie B [userpic]

I am le tired.

Yesterday we went hiking. I was quite happy to go. Mum made it sound as if we'd be roughing it like she did in her camp days (according to her stories) up Lantau Island and sleeping in 'cow shit' huts (which I found out later were not made of cow shit but had been shat in by the cows which have since disappeared).

Then I hated it.

I got up the mountain ok. Mum packed our three bags pretty light considering we had enough food for the thirty or so people there to hotpot dinner, breakfast and morning tea. And have excess food to lug home as well. I am not exaggerating. For these people, a day out hiking is for weight gain rather than loss. And with the hotpot we had four burners, pots, and a dozen cans of butane. I don't understand how a group that's supposedly had thirty years of experience camping and hiking could so grossly overestimate our need for supplies.

Eve and I reached the hovels in which we were staying in about an hour and a half. Then the damnable sense of altruism and obedience mixed with boredom dragged us halfway back down the trail to serve as the pack mules for the 'older' members of the pack who had 'taken ill' somewhere along the journey. The idea was to remove half the weight of their backpacks to share the load; divide and conquer the gravitational force which prevented the tail of the group from reaching shelter before nightfall. Then some old bag of an aunty slips hers off as I reach them, out of breath, and tells my mother that I can carry it for her because I'm such a lovely specimen of a daughter. Bitch.

I should've stopped at the leaders of the stragglers. One girl was actually sick (fucked if I know why she'd agree to come when she had to take six different pills [four different colours; three different shapes] three times a day on a full stomach [Chinese doctors are such quacks...]) so I figured if I had to help anybody I'd do her. Pack. Take her pack. But I just had to keep going down the steps. I could go downhill for days; it's the up that messes with me. Oh, and also, the jeans were a bad idea. My iliopsoas muscles have decided to drop out of the hip flexor group and today I looked more like a double amputee with rather nice prosthetics than the fine specimen of a daughter from yesterday.

The hovels we stayed in were something like you'd see in an old Chinese ghost film. Skinny doors, no lights, questionable building materials. The sort of place you really hope not to have a psychotic episode but is ten times as likely to stimulate one. They really weren't so bad once we got the windows and doors closed and the butane and LED lights hung up. It was positively cosy with the hotpot going. A little too cosy... We had two hovels and pitched two (unused) tents full of people sleeping on any flat surface they could access and yet they all piled into our hut with the large tables weighed down with cans of explosive gas and hissing fires and boiling water and WMD grade salmonella meat.

Night time was a taxing affair. I did not know that there would be children. Oh how I hate children. The older sister (11) wasn't so bad. I let her play with my hair whilst I was dealing for Big 2 cos then she'd at least be quiet and cease kicking the guy we were playing with (I think she has a crush). The younger brother (8) was unbearable. He's like Brendan, except with ADHD and without all his questions. Any surface we wanted to play on would be sequestered at irregular intervals and he just would not shut up. I don't like children.

I think we went a bit crazy with the Big 2. I think we went a bit crazy. Eve and I played with a girl we knew from before, a younger girl we couldn't remember who may have been a bit clingy but was as good as one could hope for in the circumstances, and the son of the woman who thought I was a pack mule. I'd've pushed her off the cliff given a chance in the dead of night, but the boy was a riot and may have become psychologically damaged if he lost his mother in a hiking accident, which would dampen his entertainment qualities. We played from 8 'til 12 for want of anything else to do. Then we played in the morning between packing and hiking around the mountain peaks and eating. Then we played at the end of the hiking trail as we waited for the old ones to catch up. In that last instance, we fit in 18 rounds before the bulk of the group arrived (we were counting because we were betting how many we could fit in). We also played at the restaurant where we had lunch, waiting for the curry to arrive. I think there was an Aussie tourist family there. They spoke in crass accents. It was around about then that we thought maybe we'd played as much big two as we could stand - for, say, the rest of the decade.

I won my fair share of games, but I did not win the hand in which I had a Big 2 (2 of spades) straight flush, but I did not care. I just had to play it. Evelyn was steamrollering the others near the end when I'd reverted to dealer for want of a speck of peace. I think the HK kids think Aussie-raised kids are habitual gamblers.

The sunrise almost made the whole trip worth it, kids and all (the kids weren't awake then). We were swimming in a sea of fog and clouds and it blew over us like poetry and fairy floss. The other hovels along the mountain were fading in and out of view with the clouds flowing between us and it is an experience watching a nearby hilltop becoming enveloped in lumpy, wispy grey and white like a marshmallow volcano. The actual sunrise was uneventful due to the dense cloud and smog and whatnot between us and the horizon blocking out the egg yolk we were so rearing to spot. I actually haven't been able to see the horizon since arriving in Hong Kong through all the smog. At around eightish, we had a sunrise over the line of clouds (way way way above the horizon) and the adults were reduced to fits of hysterical adoration and spirituality, probably because we had such a disappointing astronomical sunrise.

We trekked around to the highest points we could reach (a weather station and some rocks about half a kilometre away from sleepy) and the 360 degree view was cool at the time, but in hindsight I find myself embarrassed by the tourism advertisement clichés I may or may not have displayed and/or requested.

On the climb down, I sprained my ankle even before we got to the trail. But most of the descent was easy. We even went through foresty bits and admired the puddly remnants of waterfalls. Oh, how I would've liked to see a flash flood. The second half or more was made up of stairs. It is here that I take back the notion I had earlier that I could go downhill indefinitely. Giant stairs with a gradient of 2 are not so good. I wanted to build a slide to get down all those fernormous steps that just kept going and going and going and going for ever and ever and ever... I'm just glad we didn't pick that side of the mountain as the ascending route. In comparison, I applaud the planning of this venture.

We caught a bus home. Two buses, really. It took a lot longer than I expected and my foot made me one crabby Patty on the way home. But it's all bound up now and happy (just as long as I ignore it and don't move). I am tired.

Oh yeah, I missed a day before. I was sick and getting my identity card. Fingerprints, I ask you. Gattaca! Gattaca! Gattaca!


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Necie B [userpic]

Oh golly.

I met my new cousin today. He's two in February. He's starting to talk now and he's adorable. He already has a good pen grip and scribbles ok. I want my ORAL and HO notes so I can deconstruct him according to his developmental age.

Had a congee breakfast and a lazy morning and was asked to lunch by an uncle I hadn't spoken to since I was six or seven. Or eight. Last time I saw him was at my 4th paternal uncle's wedding, which resulted in a presumably legitimate child turning 13 in January. I have two maternal uncles, the ok looking one and the scary face. I was best buds with my ugly face uncle as a kid. Wonder what happened to him...

We had Teppanyaki lunch and Indonesian desserts and bought some Beijing Olympics souvenirs because my uncle likes collectibles. Walked the avenue of stars and caught a ferry to HK which brought back memories.

Visited maternal grandma at her new flat. She lives exactly where she used to, but up a few floors. I used to think my paternal grandma was tied to her locality after moving between three apartments within 200m of each other (near my 4th paternal uncle and family).

My cousin was there being fed icky baby food and Eve and I spent a good half hour teaching him to draw and speak. He gave us hugs when we left (I think he just wanted to be po'ed). He has a part time nanny but she is not Filo! Maybe she is a different class. HK babies are often raised by Filo live-in nannies. I had one but Edith was grandma-raised. I feel bred.

I'm tired and itchy. Good night.

And I've taken the stairs to the apartment 5 times in total.


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Necie B [userpic]

Hello there my fellow webwhores! You're probably in the southern hemisphere, but I am not. Also, I have polycystic ovary syndrome. Maybe. I don't think I do, cos I only have two symptoms (which have other causes). I was supposed to get the bloodwork the day before my flight but the queue for my doctor took over three hours and Edith and I had to teach in the afternoon. So I suppose I'll wallow in uncertainty for another six weeks.

I am three hours behind Sydney time but have had no jetlag cos I didn't manage to sleep the 24 hours before my flight and was fucked up anywho. I saw Bronwyn on the plane (or rather, the airport where I, like many others, was standing around awkwardly not wanting to clutter the areas of thoroughfare or cross-seat conversation space and were not able to find a seat) who was travelling with her boy. How exciting.

My flight was rather good cos I got a window seat and loved the bits I saw that weren't ocean or clouds. There was a lot of that around. I couldn't wait to go through the clouds upon descent but it just seemed to keep going on and on and on and on... Eventually, I realised that it was actually smog when I saw a ferry in the midst of all the haze. God, I feel healthy. This flight was also the first in which I did not like the aeroplane food. Had congee for breakfast and mac and cheese for lunch. I enjoyed neither. I suppose as a child the food seemed awesome cos I was eating at 30 000 feet and the courses came in little boxes with their own lids, and you could steal the cutlery.

Eve and mum picked me up from the airport holding three hand-drawn 'EUNICE' signs. Evelyn bought more stationery (inevitable for her when exposed to the Smiggle predecessors) despite having eighteen sets of coloured, glittery, pastel, metallic, scented, ergonomically designed sets of pens at home. Edith's flight arrives at 5am in one and a half weeks and we are picking her up from the airport too. Shit.

Grandma is well, my paternal cousin is now tall as well as fat, and my forty-something aunt is still acting half her age. Sweet kid. As soon as I got back they were shovelling food down my throat. This did not bode well. However, Eve and I have been taking the stairs to Granny's flat where we're staying. She lives on the 20th floor, but the glimpses of the soccer court from the stairwell windows is pretty motivating.

I'm so used to talking to Luke, Matt and Brian in English that it was a few confused looks before I realised that I was chattering away in English to my cousin who does not pay attention in English class.

Yesterday my uncle gave me a phone and SIM cos the SIM I was given earlier was rejected by my phone. Bastard machinery. Anywho, my number is (852) 6383 4387. Not 100% sure that's correct but check it with Cam (who's managed to get through) then send me lots of SMS love. And shopping requests.

Today I went to see Kelly. I now have dark red hair with streaks. And a fringe. Kawaii! It's taken some getting used to but I've spent most of the day peeking at any reflective surface I encountered. On more than one occasion, I thought a mirror was a window and there was this strange chick with a fringe doing her shopping who was considerable taller and wider than the population I was accustomed to seeing in the area. Weird huh?

I have decided to get myself a ridiculous bling on my finger. Am still contemplating the methods but the design is pretty much settled. It must be ridiculous. Ridiculously ridiculous. Ang maybe another zippo.

Hong Kong public transport, vending machines and a select few other purchases can be paid using a magnetic 'Octopus Card' They are awesome fun and efficient and better than the Tcard will ever hope to be and they've just released a mini version on a keyring. So I got it and I am happy. The only drawback is that you can't top-up at the automatic top-up stations and I have to actually talk to a person to put more money on it. I was never good with people. But I love minis. Dilemma.

Went to a calligraphy exhibition today. It was cool brushwork but just not interesting enough to be interesting... One of the exhibitionist was mum's old high school buddy whose work I thought was mediocre, but had mum gushing with pride and nostalgia and whatever else embarrasses one's adult child. Then we had dinner with mum's other high school friends. I was more concerned with my sore feet and new hair than learning their names. Then I felt bad because they remembered mine.

I should sleep. My window opens to the city of Kowloon and the sky has been a purpley orangey monochrome smog for all the time I've spent here. The commercial buildings in Hong Kong are lit wonderfully for Christmas and this world of plenty makes me more and more hopeful that the apocalypse is nigh. I like the view. It makes me feel foreign.


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