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Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned...

It's been 3 hours since my last confession.

Necie B
12 September 1987

42, alt.sex, amputees, anatomy, antidysgenics, australia, bdsm therapy, biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, bisexuals, black pretties, body art, body modification, bondage, burlesque, charles darwin, child sexuality, chivalry, cirque du soleil, congenital disorders, corruption of the innocent, corsetry, corsets, dacryphilia, deviance, disfigurement, domination, donatien alphonse francois, douglas adams, dungeons, dykes, dylan moran, erotic art, erotica, eugenics, fetish photography, frank miller, freedom of speech, gallantry, garter belts, gays, genetics, ginevra, ginny weasley, gore art, gothic subculture, greek mythology, gypsy rose lee, harry potterverse, hayao miyazaki, hierodules, hieros gamos, his dark materials trilogy, homoerotica, homosexuals, knitting, layla, leather, leopold ritter von sacher-masoch, lesbians, lightning, lingerie, lipstick lesbians, little boys, little girls, lolita, marquis de sade, masochism, mensa, motorbikes, munnies, nanotechnology, neuroscience, night storms, nostalgia, not pr0n, nude photography, nymphomaniacs, occupational therapy, opm(a), orgies, pain, penii, philosophy, photoshop, piebald humans, piercings, pin-ups, polyamory, poppy z brite, porn, pr0n, pretty boys, pretty girls, pride, project gutenberg, psychodynamics, psychology, pvc, queen, rain, red hot chili peppers, redheads, religion, role reversal, rope, sadism, sbs, school skirts, school uniforms, science, self love, serial killers, sex magik, sex on drugs, sex therapy, sexpo, sexuality, shibari, sin, sir david attenborough, sluts, smut, stem cell research, stiletto heels, stockings, strange, strikethrough2007, submissives, suicide girls, sydney, tarot, tasteful porn, tattoos, temple prostitutes, textiles, theology, thigh high boots, tightlacing, tobiano humans, triclops cockface, victorian fashion, waist training, weird, whips, wikipedia, yaoi, yuri,